EmClassic in full means EmpireCoin Classic. It is an Erc 20 Standard Token based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Short For EmClassic is EML it is it’s ticker Symbol.

EML is a Cryptoa crypto currency created for EmMall e-commerce as mode of payment for items sold on EmMall website.

You can earn more EML Via a method called Staking, were you hold your EmClassic in a special online wallet and get rewarded for just holding the Token. The reward Percentage is 7% Annually, this reward percentage depreciates yearly.

EmClassic has businesses built on it. Soon various other e-commerce sites will start accepting EmClassic as mode of Payment. That will add to the Value of the Token.


For more info…

Coin name EmClassic
Ticker EML
Token Type Erc 20 Standard Token
Total Supply 3000000 EML
Protocol Staking Allowed
Period Annually 7%